2015-16 Reflections Council Level Winners

This year we had tremendous participation in the annual Reflections program. Almost 200 students advanced from their local canvases to the Council Level. Check back soon for next year’s theme!

Overall Award of Excellence

Students who received an Overall Award of Excellence will move on to the state level. Texas PTA will announce their winners at the beginning of March.

First Name Last Name Arts Category Title of Work School
Ellen Abraham Literature The Dreams to Change a Life Wylie High
Chance Anderson Music Composition Industry Breakdown Wylie High
Lillian Bowden Photography Beautiful Possibilities Davis
Max Delgado Photography “If You Build It…” Watkins
Arabella DuRoy Visual Arts All the pretty colors Dodd
Lucy Evans Visual Arts Most elegant and graceful Dodd
Jed Farmer Photography Neverending play Dodd
Sydney Farrow Literature Imagining things, in a dream Dodd
Kimberly Irby Music Composition Mindbender Whitt
Elizabeth Irby Music Composition Imagination – Spirit Takes Flight Cooper
Celeste Knowles Photography The Sky is the Limit Wylie East
Kamaile Makahilahila Literature The Lost Dragon Smith
Grace Nweke Literature The Distorted Lake McMillan
Cari Reinert Visual Arts Window of Hope Wylie East
Taela Richards Visual Arts The All-in-One Flower Hartman
Braelyn Wehe Visual Arts Bright Night Davis

Award of Excellence

First Name Last Name Arts Category Title of Work School
Bridget Aaron Visual Arts Imagination Overload McMillan
Ethan Ashalintubbi Visual Arts Paul Letting His Imagination Fly Cooper
Merryn Berner Visual Arts Dea Dragon on Mars Smith
Madison Bowden Visual Arts Imagination Explosion!! Smith
Madison Bowden Visual Arts Endless Sky Smith
Jacelyn Chapman Visual Arts Hot Air Balloon Whitt
Taryn Crews Photography Floating Clouds Birmingham
Maria Giamporcaro Visual Arts Hoverboards Wylie High
Isabella Gross Visual Arts A flying alicorn Dodd
Kimberly Hernandez Literature Reaching Into the Clouds Wylie High
Laiba Khan Literature The Art Museum Draper
Anvitha Kommera Visual Arts Rangoli Tibbals
Kalea Makahilahila Literature Go Birds Smith
Maheera Mufti Visual Arts Beautiful Draper
Roshni Pai Photography Sunlight through the trees Draper
Evelyn Penrose Visual Arts The Pursuit of the Unimaginable Wylie High
Riley Petzold Visual Arts The Blue Jungle Smith
Alisabeth Riggins Visual Arts Imaging New Beginnings Birmingham
Tasmia Samayeen Literature Imagine High Draper
Ayesha Shaiq Visual Arts Peacocks of Awesomeness Tibbals
Stephanie Ung Visual Arts Open Mind, Open Sky, Open Sea Wylie East
Kate Vinson Photography Someday… McMillan
Faith White Visual Arts Dreams Take Flight Wylie High

Award of Merit

First Name Last Name Arts Category Title of Work School Name
Abdorahman Alaoui Literature The Adventure of Reere Harrison
Faith Ashley Photography My Dream Horse Birmingham
Jacob Benz Visual Arts Inside my Mind Wylie High
Alyssa Boyd Visual Arts Zig Zag World Hartman
Samantha Calvache Visual Arts I Imagine It Can Fly Cooper
Khloe Chery Visual Arts Tic Tac Toe Polka Dots Cox
Taylor Cook Visual Arts Shape Creativity Cox
Keirstyen Crenshaw Visual Arts Expose Your True Colors Wylie East
Cade Crossley Visual Arts Rainbow Catastrophe Hartman
Janki Desai Literature Peace Wylie High
Aidan Dow Visual Arts Alien Animal Hartman
Llewellyn DuRoy Photography Rainbow gems Dodd
Mary Evans Visual Arts Let it flow Dodd
Sydney Farrow Visual Arts Brains at the park Dodd
Sydney Farrow Visual Arts Chocolate milk Dodd
Sydney Farrow Visual Arts Flying in the sun Dodd
Grayson Farrow Photography Yellow Flowers Dodd
Grayson Farrow Visual Arts The man Dodd
Avery Fisher Visual Arts Spins & Twists Cox
Cassie Gamlen Visual Arts The Cat and the Window Tibbals
Kennedy Gowdy Visual Arts Imagine Discovering a New World Harrison
Jorden Grogan Visual Arts Tombstone Hartman
Ava Hardy Visual Arts Rainbow Mountains Tibbals
Caiden Hazelwood Visual Arts A Place in Space Tibbals
Ashley Henagin Photography Imagine, Dream, Acomplish Wylie East
Fiona Henson Visual Arts Colors Tibbals
Natalie Insalaco Visual Arts Fairy land Dodd
Rebecca Ivener Visual Arts The tessalated tortoise Dodd
Rebecca Ivener Visual Arts Shapes in your mind Dodd
Hannah Ivener Visual Arts The Book of Wonder Davis
Hannah Ivener Visual Arts The Feather of Imagination Davis
Lily Johns Photography Barking Groves
Lily Johns Visual Arts Dancing Man Groves
Jaidyn Johnson Visual Arts Sky Fire Hartman
Kendall Kemper Visual Arts Dragon World Smith
Sophia Lee Visual Arts Memory Draper
Leilani Makahilahila Photography Friends in a New World Smith
Kamaile Makahilahila Visual Arts Three Dragons Combined Smith
Sophia Martinez Photography Do you see what I see? Dodd
Melissa Mathew Visual Arts Let Your Imagination Fly Cooper
Cameron McBride Visual Arts Let Your Imagination Fly Through Literature Watkins
Abigail McMurdie Visual Arts The World of Floating Islands Whitt
Nathan Moore Photography Wonder What This Will Be? Groves
Nathan Moore Photography Shoes On A Wire Groves
Bella Moore Visual Arts Balloon of Inspiration Birmingham
Rebecca Myer Visual Arts Sparkle Cox
Leyla Nguyen Visual Arts Antibullying Dodd
Joanna Ononogbu Visual Arts Imagine Dodd
Trista Palomino Visual Arts For We Have Voice Wylie High
Josslyn Philpot Visual Arts The Parade Cox
Savannah Pickens Visual Arts Fish in the Sky Smith
Anna Poole Music Composition Overwhelming McMillan
Raghav Prabhune Literature My First Day in Middle School Tibbals
Haven Pyle Photography Wide Awake Smith
Brinlyn Reiter Visual Arts Creation Cox
Nathan Revor Visual Arts Imagining the Future Tibbals
Ryan Rigby Photography Blessings of Imagination Wylie High
Gracelin Roper Visual Arts Wild Scarlet Macaw Harrison
Samuel Rose Visual Arts The Mystical Valley Smith
Sabrina Roush Visual Arts Daydream in Summer Paradise Whitt
Sydney Sanders Literature Sky of Dreams Tibbals
Robin Schuler Dance Choreography Shooting Stars Whitt
Kate Sheets Visual Arts Rainy Sunset Wylie East
Chloe Smith Visual Arts Angels of Heaven Smith
Annelise Tavizon Visual Arts Owl Cox
Audrey Tebow Visual Arts Pop Stars Whitt
Makenzie Vacante Visual Arts Little Girls with Big Imaginations Watkins Elementary PTA
Emily Walker Visual Arts Running a marathon Dodd Elementary
Breelyn Willoughby Visual Arts Zebra Stars Rita Smith Elementary
Abigail Wilmarth Photography Memories Draper Intermediate
Trystan Wischnewsky Visual Arts Unicorn Cheri Cox Elementary
Kennedy Yoder Visual Arts House of Imagination Tibbals


Honorable Mention

First Name Last Name Arts Category Title of Work School
Logan Berner Visual Arts The Battle in Arcane World Smith
Brynlee Carpenter Visual Arts Another Dimension Cox
Sahasra Cheruku Visual Arts A Princess in the Garden Tibbals
Kara Childress Photography Down, Down & Down Davis
Clara Compas Visual Arts n/a Cox
Kaitlyn Darson Photography Changing of the Season Tibbals
Caleb Dunkle Visual Arts Flying dinosaurs Dodd
Justine Dunkle Visual Arts Butterflies Dodd
Mary Evans Visual Arts Crazy shapes Dodd
Jed Farmer Photography Flights of fancy Dodd
Kaitlin Fronterhouse Visual Arts Wildest World Hartman
Aeden Gowdy Visual Arts My Favorite Characters in One Cox
Nick Grimes Photography Rest before flight Dodd
Noor Hague Visual Arts You Can Never Give Up, But Always Change Draper
Katie Hampson Visual Arts Halloween Dodd
Bella Hardy Photography Hide Me! Tibbals
Elijah Head Visual Arts Crazy Shapes Smith
Ansley Hillin Visual Arts My Monster Friend Watkins
Rebecca Ivener Visual Arts Stairs to your imagination Dodd
Rebecca Ivener Visual Arts Up up and away! Dodd
Caroline Johns Visual Arts Time to Bake Harrison
Kamaile Makahilahila Visual Arts The Dragon Race Smith
Kate McKethan Visual Arts The Police Officer and the Little Girl Tibbals
Nicholas Moore Photography So Many Possibilities Groves
Nevy Murillo Visual Arts Night Flight Hartman
Jade Perez Visual Arts Grounded on Earth, Bounded for Life Cooper
Jackson Persful Visual Arts Things I Want to Be Watkins
Max Robbins Visual Arts Color Watkins
Laci Rogers Literature The adventure of two friends Dodd
Kristen Shirley Literature Dear Love Wylie East
Maya Sisak Visual Arts Kite and Butterflies Cox
Leyna Streefkerk Visual Arts Fruit Dodd
Ella Svoboda Visual Arts A bird Cox
Elizabeth Urban Visual Arts Fly for the Sky Tibbals
Jordyn Vitale Photography Dumbo flies Dodd
Jordyn Vitale Photography I think I can, I think I can Dodd
Bryson Wright Visual Arts Theory Fire Hartman
    Visual Arts Take Off With Your Imagination Burnett.



2014-15 Council Level Winners

Here are the 10 students that won Overall Award of Excellence and moved on to the state level with Texas PTA. Texas PTA will announce their winners at the beginning of March.

High School Photography – Mari Mills, Wylie East High School

High School Visual Arts – Emily Beebe, Wylie East High School

Middle Junior Music Composition – Elizabeth Irby, Draper Intermediate

Middle Junior Visual Arts – Megan Colson, Burnett Junior High

Intermediate Film Production – Tate Martin, Harrison Intermediate

Intermediate Visual Arts – Lillian Bowden, Davis Intermediate

Intermediate Literature – Mackenzie Robbins, Watkins Elementary

Intermediate Photography – Tate Martin, Harrison Intermediate

Primary Visual Arts – Kalea Makahilahila, Smith Elementary

Primary Photography – Max Robbins, Watkins Elementary