Standing Committee Descriptions


  • Works with the principal of Achieve Academy
  • Plan parent education programs for Achieve Academy with the assistance of the 2nd VP of Programs
  • Plan staff appreciation for Achieve Academy with the assistance of the Hospitality chair
  • Find volunteers to help at Achieve Academy with the assistance of the Volunteer chair


  • Work with local units to stimulate interest in rights and privileges of good citizenship and strive to carry out the third Purpose of the National PTA: “To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth”
  • Uphold in all legislative activity the non-partisan policy of supporting issues, not candidates
  • Plan and coordinate PTA Legislative Day at the State Capitol activities for the members of this Council


  • Promote the National PTA Reflections Program
  • Coordinate council entries by publicizing, receiving, judging and forwarding winning entries to Texas PTA
  • Assist local units with the Reflections Program where necessary
  • Plan and implement a Reflections Award Reception
  • Promote other National PTA and/or Texas PTA art programs


  • This committee shall provide local units with training, support, and encouragement for activities that promote cultural diversity.


  • Create and maintain the Council’s website
  • Train local units on website setup and maintenance if using the Council hosting
  • Coordinate, create and publish the monthly newsletter
  • Compile, edit, and distribute a directory of members of Council
  • Be responsible for publicizing and promoting all projects, activities, and events concerning the Council with President’s approval.


  • Be responsible for implementing and coordinating community outreach projects and programs with a goal to increase community service and awareness across Wylie ISD
  • Work with local units to support community outreach projects and programs
  • Manage the Wylie Way Outfitters program and organize volunteers to work
  • Organize a National Night Out activity


  • Be responsible for promoting activities for environmental awareness in the local units and community
  • Organize district wide recycling contest


  • Coordinate an annual fundraising project.
  • Promote awareness of coordinating and maintaining good fundraising practices throughout local units.
  • Research and apply for grants and other funding opportunities.


  • Plan hospitality at the Council Membership Meetings and Executive Board meetings as required
  • Plan hospitality for FOUNDATIONS: Leadership Orientation and training workshops held by Council
  • Assist Achieve Academy chair with staff appreciation planning.
  • Chair of the Condolences and Memorials committee.
  • Coordinate a recognition event to celebrate the achievements of the council and local PTA units.


  • Identify and develop emerging leaders in the local PTA units of the Wylie ISD Council of PTAs
  • Assist council chairs in identifying and providing necessary training using participant feedback and surveys.


  • Work with the administration about promoting the awareness of special education and gifted programs
  • Work with the local units to educate parents and distribute information on special education and gifted programs


  • Work with local units to ensure that each unit has a SHAC representative and shall work with the Wylie ISD administration to make sure all necessary information, including meeting dates and times, is distributed to all representatives
  • Work with local units to promote the education of parents, teachers and students in the matters of healthy lifestyles


  • Coordinate the school supply sale and distribution of supplies with district administration and local units


  • Be Responsible for implementing and coordinating the Birthday Bag Project; and
  • Be Responsible for implementing and coordinating any additional student outreach projects and programs.


  • Work with local units to promote recruiting and recognizing volunteers by providing material and training
  • Coordinate Volunteer of the Year selections with local units, selections at Council level and recognition of winners with the assistance of a committee consisting of five members and an alternate, with no two members from the same local PTA.


  • Work with local units to promote the education of parents, teachers and students in the matters of youth protection and safety. The concerns of this committee might include: child abuse, cyber safety, guns, drugs, alcohol, bullying, and any other safety related issues.

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